Rarotonga is the most densely populated place in the Cook Islands. It is also a major tourist attraction spot. If you are searching for an economy and affordable hotel accommodation in Rarotonga, then you can find many local business agencies who provide best car rentals plus great accommodation facilities.

Rarotonga is a paradise for beach lovers and water-sports enthusiasts. The pristine pure white sand beaches with lovely coral reefs are one of the main attractions for tourists. The island is visited by thousands of global tourists every year. As a tourist, you can enjoy the warm weather and laid-back atmosphere.


Cook Island accommodation services information can also be availed quickly using online sources. Right from expensive luxury hotels and resorts to small lodges and inns, you can acquire rooms as per your budget. You can even book online reservations for your hotel stay.

Some tips to search for best economy housing and stay facilities in Rarotonga:

• Avoid the Coastline

Most resorts and boutique hotels in Rarotonga are quite pricey. You can save a lot of money if you opt for less expensive hotels that are not located in the coastline. Such budget hotels cost less and they also offer discount rates depending on the season of your arrival.

• Budget Cottage Resorts

You can also avoid cash-crunch by seeking lodges in the lovely guest homes and cottage resorts on the islands. You may be surprised at the low rate quotes offered to tourists, especially during off-season. Some also provide the best accommodation at decent rates during peak tourist season.


• Near the Airport

You can book accommodation near the Rarotonga International Airport that is located on the north-coastal side of the island. Hotels nearby the airport are surprisingly less expensive than the hotels located on the south-coast side.


• Connect with Local Businesses

If you are able to contact local businesses who can arrange quality hotel stay along with car rental booking, then it is a smart idea. These agencies know the island properties and have access to rental fleets, so as to offer you the lowest possible prices without compromising on the service quality. Many of them offer online booking facilities for the convenience of tourists.


Economy hotels can help you stay comfortably within a small budget. You can save cash on accommodation and spend it on sight-seeing and travelling. A luxury hotel can cost you more than $300 per night whereas economy hotels cost less than $100 a night.


It is advisable to find local rental companies, who have contacts with respectable hotels in Rarotonga. You can make an online booking for accommodation and Rarotonga airport car rentals all at once through reputed local agencies. You can gather information about this tourist hotspot on their website and check for current discount prices on hotel stay and car rental services.

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